Libertas Bella News acquires The Anti-Media

Libertas Bella News acquires The Anti-Media

Very pleased to announce that Libertas Bella News has acquired The Anti-Media (TAM), which came about after reading this from their editor-in-chief:

Drawn to activism after discovering the Ron Paul revolution, we (TAM) came of age in the post-9/11 era and we felt we had good reason to push back against the ever-encroaching political system that has heavily indebted us and increasingly infringed upon on our rights whilst expanding its reach and power….Our goal: Awaken people from their passive subservience to big government and corporatism.

And this on their Patreon page:

We’re guessing they don’t like the fact that we (TAM) highlight and expose corruption wherever we see it, be it in the government or from corporations. They don’t like us challenging the empire and the military-industrial complex. They are uncomfortable with us calling out the drug war, Big Pharma, police brutality, the prison-industrial complex, and the system at large.

TAM is a brand deeply aligned with our own values and worldview: One which runs counter to the sycophantic state power narratives of traditional media outlets.  In 2016, they were reaching tens of millions per week. They were systematically de-platformed following the 2016 election, thus limiting their ability to challenge unjust government corruption, oppression, and authority – and ultimately killing their business.

Thus this is a test to see if acquiring their .org domain and redirecting it into our site, namely our Thought Grenades blog and our merchandise collection – esp. our libertarian shirts and our libertarian merch – impacts our SERPs or not.  To say this another way, will Google reward or penalize us for pledging our public support for The Anti-Media?